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Welcome To Project Blue Book The Game: Hidden Mysteries!

About Project Blue Book The Game: Hidden Mysteries

Search for clues and investigate real declassified UFO cases to find the truth!

Project Blue Book The Game: Hidden Mysteries is the official, free-to-play, hidden object adventure game based on HISTORY’s hit drama series PROJECT BLUE BOOK, created by David O'Leary, and executive produced by Academy Award and Golden Globe® winner Robert Zemeckis. The series explores the historical, Top Secret investigations into UFOs conducted by the U.S. Air Force between 1952 and 1969.

In Project Blue Book The Game: Hidden Mysteries, you will start off as a newly recruited agent in Project Blue Book during the 1950s, under the guidance of the show's lead investigators, Dr. J. Allen Hynek (played by Aidan Gillen from “Game Of Thrones”), and Captain Michael Quinn (played by Michael Malarkey from “The Vampire Diaries”), and begin to investigate real declassified UFO investigations to find the truth!

The official links to the game on the app stores can be found here:

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Hundreds of puzzles, witness interviews and hidden object scenes will challenge your observation and deduction tactics as you investigate alongside your favorite characters into many of the cases you loved from the series, uncover exclusive new content, and explore new cases that can only be found in the game! The game's story is written by bestselling science-fiction writer and award-winning game writer Steven-Elliot Altman, best known for similar social games like PEARL’S PERIL and ANCIENT ALIENS.

We're here to find the truth! So, come help us investigate flying saucers along with Dr. Hynek in the world's first Unidentified Flying (Hidden) Object Game!


Ask The Game Developers (this is not tech support)

This is where you can discuss Project Blue Book: The Game with the team that's building it, ask questions, and find out more about future development.


Technical Support

This is the place to let us know if you are encountering issues with the game. Please include your device type and operating system in your posts.



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