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I keep playing the same Case. How do I move to the next Case?  


Steven-Elliot Altman
Narrative Designer Admin
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27/01/2020 4:40 am  

Project Blue Book: Hidden Mysteries is a Hidden Object Investigation game, based on actual declassified United States Air Force investigations. We refer to these investigations as "CASES" and each Case begins with an introductory CUT SCENE that re-enacts the sighting in question. Following the sighting you must investigate 7 or 8 Hidden Object Scenes, identify 3 Clues in each Scene, and interview any Witnesses.

To unlock the next Case you must meet that Case's entry requirements; typically the completion of all 8 preceding Scenes, as well as the destruction of a certain number of Meta Clues and a required level of PD (Plausible Deniability).

As soon as the requirements for entry are met the next Case will automatically unlock. Once it does, simply tap on the Case and that Case should begin with an introductory Cut Scene, revealing an exciting new sighting.


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