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I keep playing the same Hidden Object Scene. How do I move to the next Scene?  


Steven-Elliot Altman
Narrative Designer Admin
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27/01/2020 4:37 am  

Each Case contains 7 or 8 different locations, which are referred to as Scenes. You can replay each Scene as often as you wish to find Objects and Clues; there will always be Objects to find. To unlock the next Scene you must meet that Scene's entry requirements; typically a certain number of Investigated Clues from the previous Scene, or certain number of Stars,  and/or a required level of PD (Plausible Deniability). You will earn Stars at the end of each round of play. Stars and Clues are used to unlock new Scenes, conduct Interviews and Investigations, and progress through each Case. As soon as the requirements for entry are met the next Scene will automatically unlock. Once it does, simply tap on the Scene and that Scene should begin with some introductory dialogue.


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